Log Splitter is a clever tool that fills a basic need

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Log Splitter is a clever tool that fills a basic need

Postby LindaLi » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:36 pm

A Log Splitter is a clever tool that fills a basic need. Naturally, its purpose is to simply split wood. However, it does this with such efficiency that it transforms a rather boring exercise into something fun to watch. These splitters will help reduce your wood gathering time and save you energy. This device is especially helpful during cold weather when you would prefer to spend your time indoors enjoying the fire rather than spending unnecessary time gathering your wood. Here, we take a look at some important information concerning firewood splitters:

1. Great range in prices.

Generally, you can find hand or foot pump splitters for anywhere from $100 to $350. In the medium level range, you will find electric firewood splitters which will run anywhere from $400 up to over $1,000. These models tend to be more durable made of heavier steel and come equipped with wheels in most cases. Their main benefit is no elbow grease is required to operate them. Beyond this model range, you come to the commercial models which can easily reach over $5,000. These models are designed for those who are in the firewood business as they very efficiently and systematically can split wood.

2. The weight per ton matters in performance standards.

Many customers have stated that models that are only 4 or 5 tons do not deliver the same level of performance as heavier models. For this reason, these lighter models should be avoided if you will be using the splitter on a frequent basis for sizes of wood roughly 20" long and 16" in diameter.

3. Portable and easily maneuverable in most models.

One positive advantage of household log splitters is that they can easily be moved around. The hand and foot pumps can even be taken on camping trips which gives them nice dual functioning. Although the more expensive household models and commercial models cannot be moved as easily because of a heavier weight, they normally come equipped with wheels allowing them to be hauled to other locations if the need Lumber Jack Log Splitter.
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