File Server Edition: Tray Icon in Terminal Server

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File Server Edition: Tray Icon in Terminal Server

Postby stonewood » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:30 am

I'm using a free trial of the file server edition. The server is used by several users as a terminal server as well, and each of these unprivileged users is seeing an instance of avgtray, as well as getting the free trial registration screen on login.

I thought I unchecked the "multiuser environment" options on installation -- what else can I do to get the interface out of my end users' experience?

Also, I am running the network edition on my workstations, and running the administrative programs on the same server discussed above. Is this the correct configuration, to have two separate version running at the same time? Or should I be able to integrate my server into the network edition management?

Thanks for the info.
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