Resident shield corrputing files

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Resident shield corrputing files

Postby petepuma01 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:11 am

Hello. I work for a managed service provider that uses AVG 9 with our customer base. We have an insurance agency customer that uses an application called The Agency Manager (TAM) from Applied Systems-- basically an ERP system for insurance agencies.

One feature that TAM allows is to drag files from e-mail/desktop/etc. to a customer's record within TAM. While files can always be dragged over, sometimes if they are larger than a few MB, when the user tries to open the file in TAM it doesn't work and TAM crashes. If we go back in to TAM and drag a smaller file over, everything then works properly when opening a file within TAM. Somehow, getting a smaller file at the top of the list of files makes everything OK-- including the file that caused the crash previously.

AVG suggested a few steps and we determined that Resident Shield is the issue. AVG then sent us these instructions:

To investigate this issue, we would like to request the debug logs of the Resident Shield component.

To provide these logs:
1. Download the AVG Service Utility from this location to your Desktop: ... 011_en.exe

2. Run the utility.
3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Unfortunately, these instructions are for AVG 10. We sent what we could for AVG 9 but the results were unusable by AVG. They then asked us to run "runner.avgdx". When I run the "runner.avgdx" program, I get an error message that says "Failed to collect the data - please try again" when I click on the "Diagnose and send results" button.

We've since replied to AVG asking for advice on this error but it is slow going so I figured I'd post the question here as well.

We figure Resident Shield is taking too long to scan the file as it is being dragged over and is leaving some sort of garbage that is causing TAM to crash.

Can anyone offer resolution suggestions?
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Re: Resident shield corrputing files

Postby sc123 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:02 am

First of all, how have you determined that it's AVG's resident shield causing the issue?
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Re: Resident shield corrputing files

Postby petepuma01 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:36 am

We followed these steps from AVG:

The first thing we need to do is to find out which component, if any, is causing the issues. Please can you carry out the following troubleshooting steps:

Step 1)

- Please open Outlook in Safe Mode - Start > Run > outlook.exe /safe
- This will open Outlook with out any plugins loaded
- Please test the issue and see if it is resolved?

If this does resolve the problem, open Outlook normally and disable the AVG Outlook plugin in Outlook. As we are not sure which version of Outlook is being used we cannot provide you with exact instructions for this. Please see if the issue is resolved with the AVG plugin disabled.

If it is, then enable the AVG plugin, disable all other plugins, and restart Outlook and test the issue again.

Step 2)

If you find that the AVG plugin is causing the issue, leave it enabled and then disable Antispam and Email scanning as follows:

- Open the AVG User Interface > Press 'F8'
- Goto - AntiSpam > Settings > Untick 'Turn on AntiSpam protection'
- Apply the changes

Restart Outlook and test the issue.

- If still ongoing, retick AntiSpam and untick 'EmailScanner' > 'Check incoming e-mail' in the AVG Advanced settings
- Restart Outlook and test the issue.

If the Outlook plugin is not the culprit then please disable all of the following AVG Components one by one if installed:

- Resident Shield
- Online Shield
- Linkscanner
- Identity Protection
- Firewall

We worked with a user following the a modification of the process from AVG. Rather than working our way down to uninstalling AVG, we jumped right to that point and started working up from there after the first step.

- Turned off the AVG Outlook Addin – Problem still occurred
- Uninstalled AVG – No problem
- Reinstalled AVG – Verified problem was back
- Turned off Resident Shield – No problem
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Re: Resident shield corrputing files

Postby Arthur » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:50 pm


I would like to further investigate if you still have this issue. I do apologize on slow response, I monitor this forum from time to time and see what is going on with AVG.
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Re: Resident shield corrputing files

Postby petepuma01 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:56 pm


Thanks for the reply. We've tried AVG2011 which seems to do the trick. We haven't widely deployed it yet but we're working on it. If you want to see more details: Case AVG#0003526605


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