AVGAdmin and AVG S-Tool Troubleshooting Tips

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AVGAdmin and AVG S-Tool Troubleshooting Tips

Postby sc123 » Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:45 am

Having problems rolling out an AVG installation on your network? Can't get those updates to apply? Here are some tips from Grisoft on how to get things going!

Unable to push AVG to workstations/servers using the AVG S-Tool:

If you use a firewall in your network, it is needed to allow communication on following ports to install AVG remotely:

1) Ping (ICMP typ 0 - Incoming echo request) - required to find a remote station in the network.

2) Microsoft Files and Printers Sharing (TCP ports 139, 445 and UDP ports 137,138) - required to copy AvgAgent tool on the remote computer using Admin$ sharing.

3) RPC: Remote Procedure Call (TCP and UDP port 135) - required to launch AvgAgent service on the target PC.

4) Communication on TCP port number 6150 for AVG S-Tool and AvgAgent common communication. Using this port AVG S-Tool controls the AvgAgent tool and passes him installation files of AVG.

Updates aren't being applied in AVG Admin:

At first, please make sure your local AVG TCP Server has the correct update files downloaded. To do so, please proceed as follows:

1) Run AVGAdmin and go to menu "Settings" -> "AVG TCP Server settings..."

2) In the newly opened window, select page "InetLite"

3) Here as "Type of update" select "Optional update" and also check/tick "Download updates for Anti-Spyware"

4) Press "Download Now" and wait until all update files are downloaded (the two files avginfo.ctf and avg7info.ctf in the folder with update files).

After all update files are downloaded, you can ask your stations to update to the version:

1) In AVGAdmin in the navigation tree "Quick Views" -> "All stations" select all stations (Ctrl + A)

2) Right click on the selection, choose "Ask to perform update..."

3) In the newly opened as "Update type" select "Optional update", input the proper update URL and press OK

Now all stations will be asked to update to the latest version.

If some of the stations cannot update, please verify the station is able to communicate with your local TCP Server. To do so, on the station run Internet Explorer and as URL address enter the following string:




-or you can display the status page of the TCP Server:


You should see the content of these files or the TCP Server status page.

If a Firewall is installed your network (e.g. ISA Server), the following TCP ports must be allowed:

6051, 6052, 6053
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