why are these options not available (grey) in Anti-Spam?

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Re: why are these options not available (grey) in Anti-Spam?

Postby sc123 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:15 am

paulbrainard wrote:This doesn't explain why the setting appears at all under "server components" in the client on the server (if you can follow that.)

Because some people run the Admin Server on workstations, so it's possible to use that functionality there.

paulbrainard wrote:Now my problem, and maybe others', is that regardless of where it is the setting doesn't work since the 9.0 upgrade - I guess that's why we went looking for it. I am on my second round of AVG tech support asking for runner.avgdx files from affected workstations. I'm not sure if they lost the first set I sent or if repeatedly asking me to send more stuff is supposed to give the impression they are helping me somehow, but it feels like I am having to jump through hoops to prove to them that the problem is happening. If they are hoping that it will be too much trouble and I will just go away, they may be right.

I can certainly understand the tech support frustration, but try to look at it from their point of view. Imagine having to do the work that you do without being able to put hands on the machine, talk to someone on the phone, or even remotely view the machine. That makes their job extremely difficult. AVG Resellers like myself have been requesting higher levels of US support for years, and AVG has listened - they are slowly implementing more support and as has been mentioned here, it's getting better.

I also agree that there is no perfect AV solution - they all have pros and cons. I'm concerned about the growing need to use multiple applications to protect workstations, due to rootkits and malware that the big programs don't seem to be able to remove.
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