determining what actions you

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determining what actions you

Postby nselgelo07 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:34 am

I Read the Book

There are many books that have had an impact on my life as a stimulus for a change in my thinking or behavior. But lets be clear the book didnt change my life the book was the stimulus for change. michael kors outlet

This of course doesnt reduce the importance books, nor is it meant to dissuade you from reading. Rather, its meant to put books and the reading of words in the proper place in your personal or professional development process. cheap authentic jordans

If you, not the book, make the change then it makes sense to look at what you can do to take a book and use its ideas and lessons to make a difference in your life and work. Here are five ways to do that.

Read With Purpose michael kors factory outlet online

Any speed reading or reading acceleration program will teach you to pre scan a book before beginning it. While the techniques are different depending on the program, the basic scanning concept is to look over the book; read the table of contents and scan the chapters, sub heads and sidebars before beginning to read. Using this strategy gives you a sense of the book and its purpose and messages as well as its layout before you begin. coach outlet online

While this will help speed up your reading, it also helps you answer a very important question. "What do I want to get from this book?" coach factory online

Spend a few minutes after your initial scan thinking about your goals and fondest wishes for the book. If you have a journal (which I highly recommend) write down the key questions you want answers to, or what you want to learn. michael kors outlet online

While books can surprise you with knowledge or ideas you didnt expect (one of my great joys in reading), when you have established a clear purpose at the start, it will help you maximize what you can glean from a book, and not just be sitting back and waiting for the big "aha moments."

Read With a Pen polo ralph lauren outlet

In school you probably read with a highlighter, to highlight key passages you thought might be on the test. While this advice may seem like a "back to school" comment, it really isnt. To get the most from your reading you may want to highlight ideas that you can use. However, its important to highlight not as a student, but to capture the things that will make a difference for you. coach bags outlet

A highlighter is great, and I suggest a pen or pencil as well. Lose the belief that you cant write in a book. Litter the margins with questions, thoughts and connections. If you do use a journal or a notepad, you also can make your notes or expand on the ideas there. coach outlet

Most important, remember that your notes should be about actions you can take in connection with your purpose for reading the book. cheap real jordans

Read Through the Filter of Your Goals coach factory outle

Even with a great pre scan, you wont know exactly what is in the book or what it will teach you. When you read through the filter of your goals you begin to actively use the book for your purposes.

Read to Translate polo ralph lauren factory store

As you read consciously look for the action steps. This is a very helpful component of a book, but is still incomplete.

Reading to translate is about determining what actions you will take as a result of what you have read.

These four ideas are important strategies, and while they will help you improve the value you get from a book, it is this final item that will make the real difference. cheap jordans free shipping

Transform Your Ideas into Action

This is the logical extension of the last point, but with an important difference. If you want the ideas, strategies and breakthroughs from any book to make a difference, you arent done when you read the last page. Your most important task is just beginning! real jordans for cheap
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