Buy children's furniture to ignore the safety performance

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Buy children's furniture to ignore the safety performance

Postby chenchen12495 » Wed May 17, 2017 7:49 pm

<P>Since the start of this year in March this year, Kunming Mingbo furniture market demolition work is progressing smoothly, the original more than 120 businesses were moved to peace in the peace of the western building materials city, northwest high-speed Taoyuan toll station Taoyuan furniture city,folding portable chairs lightweight Changhong Road, Batai furniture wholesale city and cloud spinning and other places, operating nearly 20 years of Mingbo furniture market to withdraw from the stage of history. According to the "Kunming City, the main city of commodity trading market to ease the implementation of the program," Kunming plans to use five years to ease the main city of 60 commodity trading market. These have been operating for many years why the market to dismantle? Demolition relocation work there are some difficulties? City management level of the starting point and what? Reporters visited the relevant departments of Kunming and the city to be removed from the relocation of the market, to find out.</P>
<P>"To continue to implement the main city commodity trading market to ease, is to ease the non-urban functions, improve the traffic environment and living environment, promote the transformation of the main city industry, accelerate the development of modern service industry needs." For the public concern Mingbo furniture market Demolition to promote the work of the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said the person in charge. The responsible person also said that this is to adapt to the development trend of modern circulation, in the main urban areas to cultivate the development of modern professional market in the city focus on the development of convenience business,beach lounge chair with umbrella improve the city logistics and distribution system to promote the transformation and upgrading of circulation needs.</P>
<P>It is reported that in recent years, Kunming commodity trading market has made great progress, the traditional business has been promoted, the new format has emerged, the scale of the transaction continued to expand for the city to expand consumption, increase employment and promote development has made important contributions. But in the past due to urban planning, transportation system planning, land use planning and industrial planning convergence is not close enough, and a higher degree of market circulation industry, the main city within the scope of the commodity trading market from the spontaneous construction,stainless steel counter height pub set the lack of planning co-ordination , The market layout is unreasonable, too concentrated in the main city of Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road near the area, mostly through the rental village (neighborhood) group of land construction, resulting in low construction standards, security risks, low operating mode, land use Low traffic, lack of facilities, the function is not complete, extensive operating mode and the surrounding flow of people, logistics,hanging drying racks for laundry traffic gathered a large number of traffic congestion caused by the impact of the broad masses of people travel and other issues, the urgent need for the main city commodity trading market to ease, Agglomeration development.</P>
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