Why does the engine of the excavator take white smoke?

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Why does the engine of the excavator take white smoke?

Postby chenchen12495 » Wed May 17, 2017 4:06 am

<P>Spring and summer season, the temperature gradually increased, increased rainfall, all kinds of seedlings grow strong period, it is the peak of pests and diseases occurred. In order to ensure the growth of green seedlings along the well, Shandong high-speed adhere to the "prevention, scientific prevention and control" principle,asphalt crack repair machine develop a number of measures to seriously do a good job of nursery stock pest control work.</P>
<P>Implement the responsibility of prevention and control, the establishment of prevention and control mechanism. First, for the current seedling pests and diseases began to enter the high incidence of conservation requires all staff to understand the situation, and effectively improve the understanding of pest control, and according to personal work division, the implementation of prevention and control responsibility. Strengthen the disease pest monitoring and forecasting, the implementation of pest real-time system, according to the monitoring survey results,excellent asphalt paving corp timely take preventive measures.</P>
<P>Strengthen the exchange between the internal and external maintenance of the company, and actively learn from the brothers or departments to control pests and diseases effective method. Invite local forestry, garden and other departments of pests and diseases professionals on various types of pests and diseases, prevention and treatment measures such as teaching, and effectively improve the conservation staff pest control knowledge level. Strengthen the nursery stock protection, improve the ability of pests and diseases. In order to strengthen the ability of nursery stock pests and diseases,sealcoating spray system china strengthen the daily nursery stock nursery, and actively organize the staff to trim the nursery stock, clean the bottom of the nursery weeds, keep the nursery spacing suitable, good ventilation, eliminate pests and other breeding , Effectively and effectively maintain the vigorous growth of trees to improve the ability of seedlings to resist all kinds of pests and diseases.</p>
<P>Pull network investigation, the key sections of the monitoring. Maintenance of the organization of personnel along the green seedlings, especially the central separation zone for wire mesh investigation. According to the situation of pests and diseases in previous years, focusing on high-risk sections, adhere to the "technician + maintenance workers" inspection mode of implementation of real-time monitoring, give full play to all kinds of staff initiative, so that pests and diseases found in time, properly disposed of. Targeted prevention and control, adhere to the joint defense control. First, conservation according to the characteristics of the season, combined with the types of seedlings along the line,energy efficient pavement cutting machine the classification of seasonal pests and diseases, according to the season targeted prevention and control, to be targeted; the second is to actively contact the local forestry, garden departments, to strengthen coordination of external resources, To the joint control of pests and diseases.</P>
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