Soft furniture increasingly popular

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Soft furniture increasingly popular

Postby chenchen12495 » Tue May 16, 2017 11:44 pm

<P>Water content is high, the wood is easy to warp, deformation. Furniture moisture content of not more than 12%, the general consumer to buy, there is no test equipment,adjustable outdoor reclining camp chair you can take the method of hand touch, hand touch the bottom of the furniture or where there is no paint, if the feeling of tide, then the moisture content at least in 50% or more, can not be used at all. Another way to do is to paint a little water on the wood without paint, if the bliss of the slow or not Yin, indicating high moisture content. Selection of wood-based panel deformation, side swelling, the middle of the phenomenon of convex, indicating that the board is too high water absorption.</P>
<P>Furniture surface materials, such as tables,log picnic table plans chairs, cabinets of the legs, requiring hardwood, such as Ash, oak, etc., more solid, able to load, and internal materials are available other materials. The thickness of the coat cabinet legs to reach 2.5cm, too thick to look clumsy, thin and easy to bend deformation. Kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not do with fibreboard, but should use plywood. Because the fiberboard water absorption, water will be inflated, damaged. The restaurant's table should be washed. Found that the wood has insect eyes, drop the foam, that drying a thorough, so that furniture can not buy, because the insects will bite the greater the bite. Check the finished surface, but also open the door,small kitchen table and 2 chairs drawer door to see inside, there is no decay of the material, you can pinch a pinch pinch, pinch into the description of the material rotten. Open the door with a smell after the nose, if washed nose, dazzling, tears, indicating that the formaldehyde content of glue in the body is too high, will be harmful to the human body.</P>
<P>Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc. in the selection can be dragged on the concrete floor, gently fell a fall, the sound crisp, that the quality is better; if the sound between the dumb, Indicating that the mortise is not tight, the structure is not strong. Table, the table can be shook by hand to see stable instability. The sofa can sit, with Akira flash, if not active, not soft, no sound, that the mortise structure, more solid, if you take a move on the creaky ring, a shake on the Akira, is nail live, It will not take long. Square tables, tables, chairs and other legs should have four triangular clip, from the fixed role, if not,wholesale metal industrial stainless steel dining chair the time may be long with a frame. When you pick up the table and chair can look back, cloth cloth chair can touch the hand.</P>
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