Cutting galvanized sheet

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Cutting galvanized sheet

Postby wangyueyue » Tue May 16, 2017 10:39 pm

Cutting galvanized sheetIn the industrial manufacturing system commonly used in a variety of metal materials, in a specific hardness and thickness of our laser cutting can be processed, and with the development of technology on the hardness and thickness of the processing will be increasing, high-power laser cutting machine Will also be endless.Astm Stainless Steel Plate Sus310s Cold RolledIn addition, copper, aluminum and its alloy sheet cutting no problem, but the relative cutting thickness will be reduced, because the laser cutting is a high-density beam of materials for heating cutting, so the surface of the plate will reduce the cutting grade mirror 316 stainless steel sheetOf course, in the process of cutting galvanized sheet processing, the need to add auxiliary gas (laser cutting machine commonly used in the auxiliary gas are: oxygen, nitrogen), auxiliary gas purity and pressure linear impact cutting board section quality, cutting oxygen purity should be More than 99.6%.309S Black Bright round Stainless Steel BarWhen the purity of cutting oxygen with the higher, cutting galvanized sheet cross-section of the roughness and quality is also higher, of course, cutting costs also increased. Cutting nitrogen purity should be more than 99.5%, improve the purity of nitrogen can be cut in the process of cutting galvanized sheet does not change the color.carbon alloy steel tube processing equipment
The Problems in Selection Standard of Stainless Steel
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