Hengfeng rectification of road safety hazards

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Hengfeng rectification of road safety hazards

Postby chenchen12495 » Tue May 16, 2017 4:02 am

<p>Jiangsu Province, the Ministry of Transport recently issued a "green road construction in Jiangsu Province, the implementation of opinions", requiring "thirteen five" period,ride on vibratory roller with edge finish the full implementation of the concept of green road construction, promote the establishment of Jiangsu characteristics and characteristics of the green road development standard system, Technical system, management system, 2016 to 2018 built a number of green highway demonstration project, 2019 to 2020 to promote green highway key projects, to achieve resource intensive, eco-friendly, energy saving, travel efficient, green road development in the country in the lead status.</p>
<p>"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the province's highway people will enhance the road network structure-based energy-saving emission reduction, in order to optimize the general provincial highway one or two highway construction ratio; intensive intensive design concept, to enhance land use, The rapid transformation of the highway and the widening of the road lane of the rural road to mention the upgrading of the project to achieve the administrative village of two-lane four highway coverage of not less than 90% of the target; to promote ecological line selection, eco-environmental protection, road safety and other special design,asphalt seal tanks for saleTo achieve the road environmental impact assessment of the thematic design implementation rate of 100%, to enhance the road construction green landscaping project to enhance the road drainage system on the road and bridge runoff consumption and purification function; road operations and maintenance into engineering design and construction together Consider, highlight the full life, emphasizing the system, strengthen the structural design and maintenance facilities of the unity.</p>
<p>Jiangsu Province will be through the "strict construction of environmental protection" "to strengthen the standardization of engineering construction demonstration" "to enhance the level of intelligent construction and management", "to strengthen the construction of new technologies and new energy applications," "to enhance the efficiency of conservation machinery," a series of initiatives, further Consolidate the green road foundation,asphalt pavement design promote the construction and maintenance of the standardization. "Opinions" on this refinement of the relevant objectives and tasks, proposed by 2020, the province strive to achieve the project management system application rate of 100%, road recycling capacity of 95%, asphalt pavement recycling rate of not less than 50%, the provincial highway mechanized cleaning rate of 100%, ordinary provinces and autonomous countries operating mechanization rate of not less than 90% of the target.</p>
<p>In addition, the "opinions" requirements, the province's highway management departments should build an information-based management system, continue to promote the construction of highway cloud computing center, and gradually form a provincial and municipal highway cloud computing center framework to promote BIM technology in highway planning, , Construction, maintenance in the wide range of applications, in the highway design, construction period to consider the wisdom of highway, digital road construction needs, facilities related to the simultaneous design, construction, operation; by 2020, to achieve highway green service area accounted for 80% , The general highway green custody facilities accounted for 40%; to further improve the highway toll station capacity, to promote passenger and freight sub-road construction and static pounds update, enhance the ETC supporting services, increase the general highway toll station ETC / MTC system construction , And strive to achieve by 2020 the general highway toll station ETC lane 100% coverage; strengthen and weather, traffic police, tourism, transport and other relevant departments between the service information sharing, in the existing road service information distribution channels based on innovation Expand to intelligent mobile terminal-based microblogging, WeChat, APP and other road service information Laying channels, providing data exchange, application interaction,crack router for sale service interface, etc. for third parties, strengthening data analysis and judgment, providing travel service warning information; improving emergency disposal plan, optimizing and standardizing highway emergency treatment process, striving for provincial and municipal highway Contingency plans to upgrade to the government special plan, the industry behavior into government action, and strengthen the construction of specialized emergency rescue team, by 2020, to achieve road traffic emergency rescue arrival time of not more than 1.5 hours, the general road traffic emergency Catch the time not more than 18 hours; the same time, need to innovate the green road construction work mechanism, establish and improve the green highway standard and so on.</p>
<p>Next, Jiangsu Province will be in accordance with the "opinions", and actively explore the exploration, according to the steps, sub-time, in batches, carefully organized to carry out highways, trunk roads, rural roads (county), service area, Pilot work, including the southern part of Suzhou to the highway to Changzhou to Wuxi section, 312 State Road, Jiangsu section, 524 national highway is usually steamed to Changshu Sanhuan section, rather high-tech channel maintenance area.</p>
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