of the individual difference

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of the individual difference

Postby chenchen12495 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:06 pm

<p>exhaust vent barrel, and construction personnel must wear cleats, increase of self-leveling cement strength and quality.9, self-leveling cement grinding aspiration: polished self-leveling cement, remove the burr on the surface of the self-leveling cement or the discretion of the individual difference, further fine leveling process, and dust on the surface, and the preparation work before coating.10, glue: roller coating </p>
<p>professional water-based environmental protection glue, manual coating was carried out on the corner first, and then for roller coating.This glue is consistent with the cork floor synthesis of water-based environmental protection glue, to ensure the ground and floor, fully formed a whole effective let floor craze, don't become warped edge, can't afford to drum.11, line installation: laying line as planned on both </p>
<p>sides to shop in the middle, and the perfect pavement design, and reduce the loss, don't need to stay between expansion joint with metope.12, the line that play a base installation: installed with the line that play a base, to keep the floor and metope color harmony.13, special paint coating: after the completion of the shop with static Lin cork floor dedicated paint roller coating was carried out on the floor surface, </p>
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