"Three products" strategy how to lead the furniture industry

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"Three products" strategy how to lead the furniture industry

Postby chenchen12495 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:27 am

<p>"With the people on the personalized, environmental protection needs continue to increase, China's furniture industry will be high-tech, environmentally friendly and intelligent direction." December 29,bistro table base 2016, China Furniture Association Zhu Changling in 2016 National Furniture Industry Work Conference And China Furniture Association, the sixth session of the three Council said. The same day, from all provinces and cities nationwide furniture associations, industrial clusters and key enterprises more than 800 representatives gathered in Chengdu. The theme of the conference is "Inheriting the spirit of craftsmen to boost the development of the industry".</p>
<p>Encourage the development of substantive economic meeting, Zhu Changling as "China Furniture Association sixth session of the three Council report." He pointed out that the development of the industry to maintain stability, exports are facing greater pressure, green development has been valued, the development model of innovation and design become the driving force for the development of China's furniture industry in 2016 the main features. In May 2016, with the introduction of the General Office of the State Council on the implementation of the "Three Commodities" special action to create a good market environment, "China's furniture industry to carry out the" increase varieties, to mention quality, a brand "related work. "In the implementation of 'Sanmei' action process,sterling polished tolix aluminum table the furniture industry but also adhere to the main market, improve supply, innovation and lead, coordinated development." He stressed that by raising the level of creative design, increase the supply of high-end consumer goods, the development of smart health consumer goods, To improve the brand competitiveness, cultivate well-known brands, improve the brand service system, and promote the internationalization of the brand to achieve a brand. In order to improve the quality of the brand, improve the quality of the brand.</p>
<p>2017 is the implementation of the "thirteen five" plan an important year, but also the supply side of the structural reform of the deepening year. China Furniture Association will focus on guiding enterprises to resolve excess capacity, reduce inventory rates and leverage, reduce all kinds of costs, make up for their own deficiencies; encourage enterprises to develop the real economy, and continuously improve the quality of products and services to expand high-quality products and services; Adhere to innovation-driven development,foldable rattan beach chair carry forward the "artisan spirit" to strengthen their own brand building.</p>
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