cork floor with the other ground

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cork floor with the other ground

Postby chenchen12495 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:29 am

<p>according to the design requirements, sub file line, sub file size should be considered with the size of the surface plate. The main keel should be equal to the length of the room to install, at the same time should be arch, arch height of the room span of about 1/250. The main keel should not be greater than 300mm. The main keel then take long butt, butt joints adjacent to each other are the main keel. After the main keel hanging should be basically flat. 5, the installation of secondary keelThe old wooden floor fusion </p>
<p>China ancient shipbuilding art with Chinese ancient means. Old ship wood floor plain nirvana, be quite different with other wood floor style, in two aspects of material and spirit of publicity. Want to learn more knowledge about the old wooden floor, please look at the small Xiaobian introduce. How old wooden floor wooden floor not only has the common ship? The floor of the elegant, classical, insect resistant, anti-corrosion effect of more ancient boat, from geomantic perspective, after the strong wind and big waves </p>
<p>can also ship wood talisman, and ship wood floors are artificial building, fully meet the environmental theme of household decoration is good material. Old ship wood floor plain nirvana, otherworldly, in style, wood flooring and other wood floor style be quite different, but not the pursuit of modernity, but abandoned in the creative and production on the previous style, a faction. Ship wood floor in the two aspects of material and spirit have been up to the publicity. While not high-end kitsch, vulgarity, and show no </p>
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