IKEA launched a series of furniture based on the tenon struc

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IKEA launched a series of furniture based on the tenon struc

Postby chenchen12495 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:14 am

<P>In order to allow these furniture to achieve no tool to install, IKEA in the tenon structure based on the development of a new type of joint, called the wedge dowel. Tenon, is the ancient Chinese architecture, furniture and a lot of wooden utensils the most important way of structure, but also these buildings and furniture do not need nails secret. Even in many modern frame structures, the tenon structure is often used. Can be said that this is the ancestors for us,exterior chairs waterproof purchase for this world to stay very important wisdom crystallization.</P>
<p>However, often our own some of the old traditional crafts and culture, have not been able to pass on, carry forward, but rather some like South Korea, Japan and other countries are more attention. This makes a lot of Westerners mistakenly think that these are South Korea, Japan and other countries of things, which is why the Korean people to take the Dragon Boat Festival left an important reason for the success. A few hundred years ago, since the tenon structure into Japan,discount pub table sets furniture the Japanese as a treasure, hundreds of years of continuous use and to improve, is still widely used.</p>
<p>Many of Japan's well-known design masters, such as the famous architects Kuma Kuma I, are widely used in their works. So that most people in Europe and the United States that the tenon is from Japan's wooden architecture aesthetic. Where will know that this ancient craft, real is derived from the wisdom of the Chinese nation? Now, even far away in the Nordic IKEA, should be tenon to carry forward. Recently, IKEA launched a series of new furniture,special price industrial chairs importer these furniture are used to the tenon structure based on the design.</p>
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