Zhoukou City Highway Bureau to actively carry out the summer

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Zhoukou City Highway Bureau to actively carry out the summer

Postby chenchen12495 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:05 am

<p>August 17, the provincial highway management director Yang Bifeng led the relevant person in charge of the office, in-depth Linxia Bureau of the toll road management, and political highway management section, and the political care area, high support center, red Taiwan conservation area,concrete pavement cutting machine plot Stone hill road management section and other grass-roots charges, conservation line to conduct research, to learn more about the progress of the work of the Council's annual work, and with the Bureau and the Council in the sub-unit responsible party comrades held a discussion.</p>
<p>Adhere to the main body of highway maintenance and management, correctly judge the current situation facing, and actively cultivate the road maintenance market.To do a good job maintenance quality, safety, capital management, strict material off, process off, in strict accordance with the construction process and operational norms of construction, striving for quality engineering. Strengthen the leadership of the building, to carry out a good "two school one to do" learning and education activities, and guide leading cadres to enhance the overall awareness, sense of responsibility, strict implementation of democratic centralism, "triple a big" matters must be resolved,what is an asphalt milling machine The workforce is stable.</p>
<p>Do a good job in building a clean government, strict implementation of the provisions and financial system, and resolutely safeguard the seriousness of the financial plan. Strengthen the management of the maintenance area, rationally set up safety signs, in particular, to do a good job Dunhuang ICIF and other major festivals of the highway work, for the people to travel to provide good road traffic conditions. Seriously do a good job of enterprise decoupling restructuring work, to keep up with the provincial and municipal bureau requirements of the time limit,asphalt crack sealing materials the development of enterprise decoupling restructuring program, reasonable and steadily promote enterprise decoupling restructuring work.</p>
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