Cement concrete paver hydraulic system failure

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Cement concrete paver hydraulic system failure

Postby quangongzi » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:47 pm

Mainly as follows: side panels, virtual control panel and vibrator bar hydraulic cylinder lift is not in place or can not be improved. The main reason is that the solenoid valve does not work or the joystick circuit is faulty; pump oil pressure is not normal, oil deterioration; overflow valve damage; hydraulic cylinder oil or tubing damage. If the hydraulic cylinder is bad, check the piston, cylinder and oil seal and repair. The obstruction of the oil path may be due to the fact that the piston rod is stuck with residual concrete blocks, which should be cleaned immediately and a small amount of grease at the cylinder bore and allow the piston rod to move several times to return to normal operation TheDouble Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

Hydraulic system failure is generally manifested as: vibrating bar vibration frequency, vibration force drop, oil temperature rise, increase the noise and so on. At this point should first consider the system is sufficient oil. If the system after the normal work, but after a period of time to repeat the above symptoms, there may be a serious leakage of hydraulic oil system, must be a comprehensive inspection. The system may be discharged in the solenoid valve and the main pump, for this, you can first check the electromagnetic valve and other components within the system and pipeline, and then check the main pump.Road Repair Machines

In order to determine whether the main pump wear and tear, you need to more carefully check the hydraulic tank at the bottom of the hydraulic cleanliness or see whether the presence of metal particles. In general, when the main pump leaks, it can be seen in the hydraulic oil of fine metal dust, which is due to the main pump in the absence of oil under the friction in the high temperature work, so that the main two pairs of friction (distribution plate and plunger Cylinder, plunger boots and swash plate) between the components of wear and tear, burned, resulting in a serious internal vent, can not achieve the required pressure. At this time need to replace the new pump assembly, hydraulic oil, and cleaning the oil filter and pipeline, the fault can be ruled out. Cement Concrete Paver Automatic Leveling System Failure. Due to hanging line slope is too large, or the height of the fuselage before and after the difference (usually in the distance after the start of a period of time), so that a certain height of the paver automatic rise phenomenon. When the legs continue to rise to the highest position, the automatic leveling hydraulic sensor will not work. At this time, you should turn off the auto leveling button, with the manual control button to lower the leg down, and then check the hanging line height. If the height difference between the front and rear fuselage exceeds the standard, you need to re-adjust the height of the sensor.
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