Simultaneous gravel sealing technology

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Simultaneous gravel sealing technology

Postby chenchen12495 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:38 pm

<P>As the pavement paving a pavement width is limited, for a wide road will need to be completed several times paving, every two to form a strip between the longitudinal seam. The longitudinal seam of the seam shall be different depending on the hot and cold conditions of the joint.Maintenance Hydraulic Tools custom make</P>
<p>If the longitudinal casting of the hot material layer and the cold material layer is carried out, if most of the weight of the roller is to be supported at the beginning of the rolling, if the working is carried out using a vibratory roller roller or a vibratory roller which is disengaged from the vibrating mechanism, On, can only be 10 ~ 20cm wheel width on the hot material on the rolling. When this method is used, the excess mixture is extruded from the non-compacted material,Hot Rubberized Asphalt Crack Filling reducing the amount of material bound to the edges, resulting in a lower bond density.</p>
<p>When using a vibratory roller at the longitudinal seam, it is necessary to obtain the weight of the roller as much as possible on the hot asphalt if it is desired to obtain a flat seam. Only 10 to 20 cm of the wheel is pressed against the cold material layer To carry out vibration rolling. In this way, on the one hand does not cause the cold material layer due to vibration damage, on the other hand the mixture can be pressed from the hot side into the relatively cold bonding edge, resulting in a higher bonding density. However, if a tire-driven single roller vibratory roller is used,affordable crack sealing equipment distributors it is necessary to consider placing 75% of the tire width on the side of the seam. The use of vibratory roller rolling longitudinal seam method not only can increase the compaction capacity per unit area, but also because the roller occupies a small area on the side of the cold material to reduce the interference of traffic.</p>
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