than a few wooden wardrobe

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than a few wooden wardrobe

Postby chenchen12495 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:15 am

<p>chemical resistance. Because of its low technical content and low cost, it has become the main product in the market. The second is to synthesis of acrylic acid and polyurethane as the main component of waterborne wood coatings, its features in addition to the characteristics of our acrylic paint, polyurethane and increase the wear resistance and chemical resistance characteristics. The third category is the one hundred percent water-based polyurethane paint, its wear resistance even to several times the oil paint, </p>
<p>water-based paint in the advanced products, but the technology is only a few professional companies to master. Understanding the classification of waterborne wood paint, consumers can choose according to their own needs, such as the need to paint doors and windows, furniture and so on wear resistance is not high demand, as long as the choice of first class or second class water paint can; if brushing wood floor, it is best to use third kinds of water-based paint. While clearly, want to distinguish on the market of </p>
<p>waterborne wood paint is not an easy job to do. Because the manufacturers are not uniform in the name of waterborne wood paint and component identification, easy for consumers to create confusion. Such as acrylic acid as the main component of waterborne wood paint is acrylic acid and acrylate two standard method. What is more, acrylic acid and polyurethane composite as the main component of water-based paint into waterborne polyester paint. Consumers can best through visual observation, the nose to help </p>
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