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of fashion design

Postby chenchen12495 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:45 pm

<p>production floor, water content should be tested on the spot. Expert response: Wang Jun said to reach the national standard, the national standard of water on the wood floor rate is between 7%-13%, so to reach this value are qualified products, if can meet better average water use rate. For example, in Beijing, solid wood flooring moisture content in 9% - 11% more appropriate. As for how to choose the manufacturers, Wang Jun said, in fact, where the relationship between production is not large. Although the </p>
<p>local enterprises in the production of water content control easier, but the field as long as the process of strong enterprises, packaging, as no problem. In fact, the moisture content of the test and calculation is very complex, consumers simply can not test their own. 5, users have posted a specification that the solid wood flooring should be smaller, the better the size of the small and narrow is not easy to deformation. Experts should respond: depending on the environmental conditions and Wang Jun said that the above </p>
<p>statement is not completely unreasonable, because the narrow floor, the floor is indeed better than the large variation of small lot. However, we have to consider the use of the floor decoration. Large floor is obviously more decorative effect. So Wang Jun suggested that in the conditions of large changes in the environment, the use of narrow strip flooring can be less deformation risk. The large floor on the environmental requirements are more stringent, according to the instructions to create a suitable use </p>
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