Minnich offers versatile drills

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Minnich offers versatile drills

Postby chenchen12495 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:14 pm

<P>In recent years, Shanxi Provincial Highway Bureau on the basis of in-depth research, to decentralization, public administration, scientific decision-making, improve efficiency as the goal, "two put an open one reward an application" as the focus, initially set up a set of conservation Plan decision management new operating mechanism,best asphalt hole repair and achieved good results.</P>
<p>On the trunk road maintenance costs cut down small maintenance. Provincial Highway Bureau to maintain the maintenance of the provincial trunk road maintenance costs of the basic expenses by the equivalent of all the sub-branches to the city branch, by the branch to arrange their own plans. Cut all the funds required for the maintenance of the project,large road construction equipment the implementation of the use of lump sum. Decentralized project approval authority. The provincial bureau will be 1.5 million yuan under the project delegated to the branch approval, and further improve the autonomy of the sub-program.</p>
<P>Open project selection and investment arrangements. In the case of tension on the trunk road construction funds, the items of the reserve project or the unified subsidy of the provincial bureau shall be sorted by importance and urgency between the bureaus. All the cut and subsidized investments shall be calculated according to the unified formula. To open and transparent. Set up maintenance work reward funds. Each year by the small maintenance fee of 5 ‰ total incentive funds, the maintenance of good quality of the branch to reward,<a href="http://chipspreadermarket.com/">chip spreader market</a>
and by the Bureau of the arrangements for their own conservation projects. Comprehensive application of conservation science decision - making system. From 2014 onwards to promote the use of conservation science decision-making system, an annual road test, scientific analysis,best crack filler for asphalt driveways put forward scientific decision-making conservation strategy for road quality assessment, conservation decision-making, conservation work reward provides an objective basis.</P>
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