Russia is a pure importer of soft furniture

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Russia is a pure importer of soft furniture

Postby chenchen12495 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:16 am

<P>When the combination of artistic style and furniture design, often due to the reasons for the creation of guidance methods, there are two kinds of deviation processing status. State one, art and design of the bundle. We will see the art and design is the relationship between the stripping, very artistic furniture modeling and furniture use function, material technology and other design elements are not the slightest association between,<a href=''>camping gear and equipment sales camping supplies</a> just doing a simple addition, which in many furniture companies Of the design works often appear, but also some colleges and universities design education a misunderstanding. If this is not improved, it is bound to bring the art in the design of the use of superficial and blind, and artistic style can not be mass production, just stay in the drawing model stage.</P>
<P>Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts is a well-known art colleges and universities, teachers and students have a good artistic background, the art of furniture design teaching attempt has a good foundation. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Furniture professional 2011 graduation design theme for the "furniture on",<a href=''>hills indoor clothesline drying rack</a> the students first try to combine art and furniture design, this combination is also the work of art and furniture design combination of try: the actual material , Emphasizing the actual operation of the dialogue with the material to find the subject to be expressed or personal feelings.</P>
<P>At this time, the final result of the work is no longer as in the previous design activities in the "pre-expected good shape and functional plan" to complete, and even the final form and shape of the work are in the actual operation of the material exploration and scrutiny The This method of work seems to have no final image of the final product to determine, but not blind, no purpose and meaning. On the contrary, under such a working method, the subjective nature of the design behavior itself is removed from the background of the objective environment,<a href=''>kid picnic camping beach foldable chair</a> and the subjective characteristics of the designer are enlarged, so the designer obtains the real freedom. The purpose of "freedom" is to get rid of the furniture "custom" concept and form of the shackles, students in the material with the exploration and dialogue, personal feelings will be involuntarily revealed in the furniture works, naturally also show a distinctive style feature.</P>
<P>In determining the theme of furniture art design, we also stressed that the following points as the direction of the design of the graduation design: First, is the furniture design, art development around the furniture design of the first condition is to meet the unique features of furniture and the existence of language , The creative ideas for the final furniture services; Secondly, is beyond the "furniture" design, the concept of various types of furniture on the basis of this only residual as a function and image of the instructions,<a href=''>chair converts to bed</a> abandoned the furniture design under the shape of the shackles; Consumer groups specifically designed to get rid of the original stylized design process on the assumption that the consumer groups, purchasing power and a series of special circumstances caused by the constraints, replaced by the designer's personal style as the main body, and in the specific operational practice In the perfect style to strengthen the characteristics, which is the design work methods to change the characteristics.</P>
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