Overseas Chinese old furniture stolen old furniture

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Overseas Chinese old furniture stolen old furniture

Postby chenchen12495 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:14 pm

<P>2017 an opening year, the news of wood prices on the head, playing the next furniture business is less than hand. Into February, all kinds of wood sheet prices to a new level,industrial bar height pub table at the same time, the opening of the strong intensity of the promotion, sit real "late spring" and "good name" to the heavy pressure on the furniture business heavy blow.</P>
<p>Throughout the 2016 building materials market, freight costs rose in October, but also because the route "container shortage" sea freight to open a new round of price increases, building materials per ton freight rose more than 100 yuan. Not only that, the devaluation of the renminbi makes the home industry boss tight. Domestic environmental remediation thunder is also a major development problems. Raw material prices rose first, many downstream furniture factory is facing the pressure of upstream manufacturers prices. At the same time, in the furniture sales terminal,premium stripe chair promotional banners are still quite eye-catching, suffering from price war troubled home industry unsure prices.</p>
<p>In the research of brands and the market, the furniture business not only need to use his feet to run, but also need to use the "heart" to insight into the consumer's different consumption characteristics, with "heart" fry out the true nature of the investigation. "The brand strategy is bound to be consumer-oriented, then the core can not be the enterprise itself to" scrutinize "the hearts of consumers, but to guide consumers to produce consumer behavior,professional durable bed furniture uk Carefully insight into the brand's "black hole", so as to find out where the real mind of consumers. Before shaping the brand strategy, be sure to identify the tactical implementation of the defects, around the strategic "paper" adjustment, and then began to implement, so that things really do up, so save time and effort, but also to take the lead.</p>
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