Energy - saving thermal paint

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Energy - saving thermal paint

Postby zongyi » Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:04 am

Energy - saving thermal paint
A high-tech products from Hainan - "solar tree energy conservation paint." Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven TrsutThis is the first successful research and development of interior wall insulation coating, the product has been through the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Science and Technology Achievement assessment, and applied for a patent for invention.anti aging agent wood flooring
In the exhibition site to see the product of the experimental comparison model, a brushing the sun tree energy conservation paint, the other one is painted ordinary paint.vinyl fence price per foot installedThe insulation coating technology to fill the gaps in the domestic technology, the Chinese paint industry into a new market area, greatly improving the family winter heating energy efficiency, but also greatly reduce the family winter heating costs. The product is conducive to green energy-saving building promotion, green building action to make a significant to waterproof faux wood outdoor furniture
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