IE quirks after tune up

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IE quirks after tune up

Postby anevilgiraffe » Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:15 am

I recently bought PC Tuneup and have gone through the scans and optimizations to get my clunky machine running better, but appear to have done something with Internet Explorer...

firstly, on start up, it insists on configuring Adobe Reader 7 everytime - even though AR7 is installed and all it apparently does is add a shortcut to my desktop - if I remove the shortcut (trying to keep my desk top free from too many icons), it configures it all again, even though Adobe itself hasn't been touched, just the shortcut... and it wasn't there before the tune up and IE didn't seem to care then...

so I figure I'll try updating Adobe Reader, but I no longer get the automatic download boxes coming up... I used to sometimes get the pop-up blocker bar, but now nothing... the Adobe site doesn't have a right click and save option, so am reliant on the pop-up download, but that's stopped...

I'm using IE 8 and as you may have guessed not really PC savvy, so this could be something obvious or even unrelated and just badly timed with the tune up...

thanks in advance
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Re: IE quirks after tune up

Postby sc123 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:27 pm

You can download all of the Adobe Acrobat updates manually here: ... rm=Windows

If you have any further issues after updating Acrobat (which you should really update to the latest version here:, then I'd open a ticket with AVG so they can review your logs and see what happened in IE.
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